Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oct. 8 - 15th.

From Memphis, TN we left for Sherman, TX to see Jerry's cousin Bob. On the way we hit 3 very heavy rain storms. As a result we stopped for the night in Texarkana. That place is a whole story by its self. The county line runs down a main street. You can buy liquor on the Arkansas side of the street, but not on the Texas side (county laws for that part of Texas).
The next day we made it to Sherman, TX, spent the night with Jerry's cousin and his wife and then off to Ft. Worth for Jerry's final ISS talks. Of the 4 ISS shows that he spoke at, his workshops on Prospecting - Presentation - Close had the most attendance of all the business workshops ISS put on. As a result they want him to do their 2008 shows. First one is in January in Long Beach.

We found Ft. Worth and the surrounding area to be very nice. However, unlike Minneapolis/St. Paul which are right next to each other, Dallas/Fort Worth are over 30 miles apart. We drove to Dallas on Saturday to see the Kennedy Memorial and the area that President Kennedy was assassinated. We took the tour of the 6th floor Book Depository. It is a great tour. We had head sets that explained what happened at each part of the tour. The great part of that is that we had the ability to stop the tape if we wanted to stay at one spot and look at it longer. There was the window area that Lee Harvey Oswald took his shots at the President and you really do get goose bumps when you look out of that window. Anyone that has ever shot a rifle knows that shooting at something moving from left to right is much harder than hitting a target moving 5 miles per hour and moving away from you. Oswald was able to get off 3 shots at the motorcade/President. Down on the street there are X's that mark each of the spots where the shots hit the President. Oswald paid $12.85 for that rifle. As one reporter put it (on a video of that day) "the President of the United States's life was taken for $12.85." Also on the tour you hear from the reporter that "passed Oswald coming out of the Depository" as he ran in to call the police. The tour covers everything from President Kennedy running for office, the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Crises, right up to his trip to Dallas and what followed for the days after.

The other photos to the right also show the Water Gardens in Fort Worth. This is a real experience that you have to experience, not read about. If you ever make it to Fort Worth make sure you include this. It is right next to the Convention Center.

From Ft. Worth we are off on our second to last leg of the trip. We will leave here and go to El Paso for one night and then to Tuscon, Arizona to see some old friends (old in that we have known them for a long time, and come to think of it, they are old). Last stop is to see our kids in L.A. After that it is back to Cambria and our 4 month trip will be over.

After we get back we will do a wrap-up of our 4 month trip.