Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aug 14-22

OK,OK,OK -Sorry - seems some folks get up-set if we don't up-date our blog every week. We did try last Saturday, but we were in the middle of a storm and everytime lightning went off, our "wireless internet" cut off. Then of course you have the fact that we are having a great time. And that makes us feel guilty. We figure that somewhere, someplace there is a couple sitting in their living room looking at each other and saying "Gee - we are just not having any fun at all. I think Jerry and Mary are using up our fun." Maybe - but we are not giving this up - we are just having too much fun.

We left IL and went to Ann Arbor, MI. It was the first time in 45 days that the temp. at night was in the 70's. It was so nice to finally have a night that we could sit outside and enjoy the area.
We saw some friends that moved from California 17 years ago. Had a great time catching up on life, family and careers. We then went to Cleveland, OH to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (see photo to the right). It was a big suprise. We thought we would see some old run down building from the 20's that was converted to a museum for rock & roll. Wow - this place was first class. They have 4 movie theaters, and 6 floors of displays. The first film you see starts out by saying "believe it or not but there was a time when there was no such thing as rock & roll." Which of course is true. Prior to the 50's there was no such statement as rock and roll. Following the history (and knowing that we lived in that time) was really great. Mary liked the history of the different singers (groups) and the fact that they had report cards and notes from teachers for some artists. Very interesting what the teachers saw in their students. Some saw complete failures while others knew they would not achieve high academics, but could tell that they would go places other students would not. If you ever get to go to Cleveland, go see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and spend the day. By the way - no cameras allowed, you have to check them in. When you go you will see why. We saw pictures (on loan to the Hall) never seen before. They belong to collectors (or families) and they don't want folks to take photos and copy them.

Something they do not have back in CA are the Service Centers along the Toll Ways. These are rest stops, however, they have gas stations and full food courts, including Starbucks and all kinds of foods. Really great. You can relax and have lunch, get gas and something for the road. The toll part (instead of "freeways" ) is not so cool. Image getting a ticket as you enter the state and then when you get to the other side, the toll booth guy says "that will be $52." Man oh man - what if you don't have it?

From Cleveland we went to Pennsylvania to visit Mary's sister Lavern and Bob. Had a great time. Parked on their front lawn. Then we left and drove to Cape Cod. We went to Plymouth to see Plymouth Rock. When Mary saw it she laughed so much her side was hurting. After all we all know the size of the Rock of Gibraltar, and of course we have Morro Rock in Morro Bay back home. So to see what made Mary laugh scroll down to the big picture below (under the map). We took the tour of the Mayflower (replica 1957) and it was interesting. See the photo of Mary sitting on one of the beds (to the right). We went to Boston to visit Jerry's uncle and cousin. Had a great time and they took us to see two of the homes Jerry was raised in.

From Boston we go back to Pennsylvania to stay at Gettysburg for a week. Then off to a mountain cabin that Lavern and Bob just purchased. We will be there for the Labor Day weekend.