Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fargo, ND & Cold Spring, MN. 7/19-7/30

From Iowa we went to Fargo, North Dakota and stayed at Sean's Farm (Mary's oldest). Two other kids, Sue and Shannon with grandkids came out from California and joined us for the weekend and to celebrate Mary's birthday (7/22). We had a great time with a big campfire each night, and we mean BIG. Very relaxing to just sit there each night. No music, TV or radio. Just the sound of crackling wood. Sean has a large farm and surrounding area that they lease out to other farmers that grow soy beans. Big place and lots of animals, many for food.

From Fargo we went to Mary's home town of Cold Spring, MN. Like the Labor Day Pinderado in Cambria, Cold Spring was having "Cold Spring Days." They had a big concert with Lone Star (Walkin in Memphis, Baby I'm Amazed by You, I'm Already There) who has over 10 #1 hits on the country charts. Earlier that day they had a dog contest and Mary entered Chanti in the "Trick" division. Chanti can do many tricks, however, she got "stage fright" and did O, zip, nada, not one trick. Just sat there looking at Mary as she gave commands. Four dogs entered the trick contest. They had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards - Chanti didn't even get a dog bone. When we got back to the RV she did every trick - so we gave a treat anyway.

We leave here on 7/31 and head for the Wisconsin Dells for the week.