Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rain, rain and more rain

The wedding we attended in St. Paul was a "picture perfect" wedding. Late afternoon right along side the Mississippi River at a private boat club. The evening was beautiful.

We left on Monday and headed to the Winnebago Rally. Once again we hit a "heat wave." Only this time it was followed by heavy rain storms each night. It has been a long time since we have seen so much lightning, one right after another. There was entertainment scheduled each night in a very nice Amphitheatre and every night they had to cancel it. So everyone is just sitting in their RV as the rain falls. One night we had a tornado watch. That put us on the edge of the chair. Nothing "touch down" but we did have winds up to 80 mph.

During the day they had workshops on just about everything you need to know about your RV. Sitting in a outdoor tent in the heat and humidity - well you can guess how your attention level drops. However, even with the rain and heat we had great time, met some nice folks (including a couple that lived in Cambria and now live in Paso Robles) and we went the Winnebago factory. Purchased some items to up-grade our coach and learned a lot about the mechanics of our RV.

On this leg of the trip we had our first "incident." Mary went to put eye drops in her eye, but picked up a bottle of finger nail glue instead. It was instant pain for her. They had a medical RV and took her to the hospital by ambulance. She is doing OK, but each place we go we have to stop at an Eye Clinic to keep a check on it. Mary gives a whole new meaning to the statement "I'll keep an eye out for you."

We are now outside of Fargo, North Dakota at Sean's farm (Mary's oldest). Will be here for the weekend. It is the first time on our trip that we don't have to have the air conditioner on. Nights are great with a big fire.

More next week.